The fastest kind of cashback site.

Cashback sites like Ebates are incredibly popular and understandably so. Who does not want 2% up to 20%+ back on the things they would buy anyway? Nearly always cashback offered by these services is on top of additional discounts like Coupons and Promotion codes. It's understandable then why these programs are incredibly popular.

You are leaving money on the table by not participating in such programs and getting the money that these brands, manufacturers, and stores are putting out there to reward their loyal customers.

This is why we are starting a service, called Dealbit, that pays you back in Bitcoin or Ethereum for the things you buy online all the time. Merchants pay us a commission and we pass that back to you in the form of digital currency, you should signup for early access.

How does it work?

The way most of these cashback sites and services work is such that you are awarded a check or gift card in the mail, usually in a few months time after your purchases. This involves you clicking through such a program and making a purchase at one of the participating stores or websites. The rate of the cashback will vary by store, program, and often times even by category. The rates vary because these merchants are eager to promote certain categories. For example BestBuy may be interested in promoting something other than electronics since it's not their core competency, this may mean that they offer 5% cashback on electronics and 10% on accessories.

What are some of the downsides?

Often times the most frustrating thing about these cashback sites is the fact that they tend to be slow, it takes a while to get a check in the mail after all. This slowness is extended by the fact that they also have to wait for the return policies of the merchant to expire before they can award the cash. Another big complaint is that they can miss certain purchases because their tracking technology tends to be weak. This can mean a missed cashback reward, which can be frustrating.

Despite these frustrations though these cashback services are still incredibly popular. After all it's free money, literally money that you wouldn't get if you went straight to BestBuys website without clicking through a program like this.

Enter Dealbit.

At Dealbit we are launching a service that will reward users with cashback much like the ones mentioned above, but we want to fix all of the flaws of the current services. We seek to fix many of the flaws mentioned above and still provide all of the benefits of these other cashback programs. New technologies such as digital currencies allow for cashback at the speed of the internet, this means you get your rewards fast!

This means that Dealbit is literally the fastest way to get cashback rewards ever.

Unlike traditional cash digital currency rewards, like Bitcoin, can also grow in value. You could of course exchange these rewards for cold hard cash instantly as well. These technologies can aid with tracking too, so this will ensure you get your rewards every time.

Next time you shop online, consider using our service. You will get free money back that can be combined with any promotions or sales out there and you will get it fast.

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