Get paid to shop in Bitcoin or Ethereum

On Dealbit you can earn up to 20%+ back in digital currency, Bitcoin or Ethereum, for shopping at your favorite stores. All for buying things you were going to buy anyway.

Dealbit is the fastest and possibly the most rewarding new cashback site to ever hit the market. Signup for early access now its free and easy or keep reading to see why you should signup.

A few benefits of using Dealbit

Other cashback sites pale in comparison

  • Dealbit is fast: It is the fastest way to get cashback ever. That is because we issue digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency, as soon as our partners confirm that you made a purchase. Cryptocurrency moves instantly from our wallet into yours that we create for you, for free. Other cashback sites have to send you a check through snail mail, this is almost always months later.

  • Dealbit is rewarding: It might be the most rewarding cashback site ever. Dealbit awards anywhere between 2% to 20%+ in cryptocurrency. Owning digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum can be far more rewarding than real cash. Imagine owning an asset class that has grown over 2000% in value over the last year. The growth potential of Dealbit's rewards is massive compared to traditional currency.

  • Dealbit is accurate: We confirm every purchase with our partners through APIs. That means you get your favorite digital currency as a rewards more often than any other cashback site. Dealbit is built by engineers that are working on smart contract technology to make sure we never miss a purchase.

  • Dealbit is riskfree and easy: We set you up with a free wallet and you don't have to do anything to get started other than just sign up. It is the easiest way for newcomers to get into digital currency. Other sites require that you trade your hard earned money to acquire digital currency, some others leave their computers running complex programs day and night to mine it. At Dealbit, you just shop for the things you would be buying anyway and we take care of all the rest.

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