Get paid digital currency to shop

Dealbit rewards you for the things you buy all the time

Dealbit is a new service that allows you to earn digital currency for purchasing things you were going to buy anyway. When you purchase something from our retail partner sites, you can earn anywhere between 2-20%+ of the total order value in Bitcoin or Ethereum. Even if you have no prior experience with digital currencies, Dealbit gets you started and allows you to seamlessly acquire and use these new digital currencies. By creating your very own wallet right on signup, we want to empower everyone to experience the excitement and rewards of digital currencies.

Cashback sites, such as EBates, have existed for some time and aren't new. You should read this post about why these sites are great for anyone shopping online if you are new to this type of service. While it might seem like there is a catch, there isn't, cashback programs receive commissions for referring traffic to retailers that they pass on to their users. Additionally, the cashback rewards is almost always combinable with other discounts such as promotion codes, coupons, and sales.

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This means that by not participating in our program you are literally leaving money on the table. Anywhere between 2% to 20%+ of all your online purchase is being left on there every single time you buy online. However, instead of cash, Dealbit passes on our commissions back to our users in the form of digital currency. For the unfamiliar, acquiring digital currencies may seem like a daunting or even risky process. Dealbit’s goal is to make this as easy as possible.

How does it work?

Digital currencies or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are a form of digital money that has on average appreciated thousands of percent year after year. This new kind of money has many advantages over traditional paper money. Digital currency can move around much faster than the traditional kind, which means you don't need to wait for a check to come in the mail. Dealbit can give you our cashback payments as soon as we get confirmation of your purchase. Another added advantage is that these currencies remove middlemen like banks and payment processors that would normally charge fees. Dealbit’s service allows you to take part in the benefits of a new type of currency absolutely free and with that comes huge potential appreciation in value, speed and less fees.

The genius of our service is you can get a free wallet and digital money back doing something you already do all the time, shop online. This means that money that was left on the table goes instead to your digital wallet.

What the heck do I do with digital money anyway?

The good news is that you can do anything you want with it!

  • You can open an account on Coinbase and convert your digital money to cold hard cash.
  • You could use it to buy other things and get even more discounts on sites that accept digital money.
  • Or you could just hold on to it securely in your wallet on Dealbit. In a world where everyone is so curious about how digital currencies work, Dealbit is the easiest way for normal people like us to get in on the ground floor of a new technology that can literally change the world as we know it.

With so many people trading digital currency for their hard earned dollars and the stunning growth over the last several years, earning digital currency on Dealbit is the best thing to do. With no risk at all, you get to earn Bitcoin or Ethereum for doing something you already do everyday. Dealbit helps you pick up the money you are leaving on "the table" and move it to your own digital wallet.

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